Current Projects

My prior (2019) update regarding current writing projects was, in retrospect, perhaps a tad overambitious/unwieldly-seeming, inspiring confidence NOT in my ability to finish out the list but rather indicating that I may have bitten off more than I can reasonably chew. Such an assesment may or may not have been correct. However, it does not accurately reflect my current (2023) main objectives/projects list. Therefore, here we are.

Below is my 2023 Writing Projects List, in order of importance/priority.

#1A Fantasy Novellete: this project has moved all the way up the list and is now tied with the next entry as my top priority. I have written, re-written, thrown out, went back to formula, re-conceptualized, expanded, written and re-written this into a proper novel. Quite a meaty one, in fact. Epic fantasy. Tone, style, and ??? are of paramount importance here, so I am giving it all the time it needs to become exactly what it needs to become. Could take much longer than initially expected. More to come.

#1B Übermensch 4th Edition: this one would be the easiest project for me to finish as the bulk of the novel is already written and most of the work adding new chapters, updating, etc. is already complete. However, 1 chapter in particular is proving excessively tricksy, along with a few other factors. Stay tuned.

#2 Romance Novel: I wrote a full third of this novel before moving on to other projects while getting some early beta reader feedback, doing more research, etc. It was probably the easiest project for me to write, by far. Completing it would likely proceed at a similar pace. However, it is currently on the back burner while I focus on 1A and 1B.

#3 The Rage (Superhero Edition): this has gotten the least attention out of my top 4 but is still a story near and dear to my heart. Big plans for this, and the 3 sequels are initially planned, plotted, etc. I have even considered working on the planned sequel before completing this final edition. The sequel recontextualizes some of this, could possibly be enjoyed stand-alone, but also offers an oppositional story from a completely new main character. The yin, in a way, to Damon’s yang. Additionally: I wrote a short story prequel detailing Damon’s initial meeting with ???. Turned out interesting, but I have nowhere to put it yet. Still working on where everything fits in, regarding my grander plans.

All other previous projects are still ongoing but utilizing, let’s say, less than 10% of my total writing energy/attention, while these main 4 take up the majority. Hope to share more as soon as I can.

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