Übermensch (3rd Edition)



The world was a dangerous place full of competing ideologies, religions, and nations. With random selection, evolution, and organic progress. Lacking boundaries of change, control, and guiding principle. It was a lawless existence, no matter what the histories might suggest, where the most dangerous thing of all was held in highest regard: freedom.

But the Masters came and wiped the slate clean, remaking the DNA of the world and its people by virtue of their own godlike power. Cleansing the disease of free will from all human thought while imprinting upon us the indelible, inescapable truth of our lives reborn under their immortal rule




The Rage (1st Edition)

The Rage


The Rage was transformative. Few appreciated the emotion like he did. Most feared it. But not him, not anymore. He fed it lesser emotions like sadness and fear, to grow it…

His psychiatrist would never understand.”

Damon’s life sucks. His parents ditched early, his few friends are thoughtless meatheads only concerned with partying and bullshit, his job is a sales nightmare, and his home is a shithole apartment in the gutter district. Although: he at least has a loving, gorgeous girlfriend… whose mother hates him, and whose abusive ex won’t let go.

So how does Damon deal with all of it? The rage. Using the emotion as fuel to power him through his days, a constant source of energy for the rough road of his life. Always there to keep him warm in the cold, dependable in its intensity…

Until the rage begins to act of its own will, and changes him in ways that neither he, nor anyone else, could have ever imagined.


Nightglory (3rd Edition)




In a world of swords, sorcery, and mythic adventure, the path of Power is a temptation for many. Few have the full gift of Will, Power, and Title, but of those who truly walk that magical path are legends born…

Goldenslaughter is such a one. After following the path of Power among the worldborn for time untold, her crowning achievement was to invade and Conquer the hidden magical Realm of the Forest Vale. Centuries of Rule have grown her might, and she is now known far and wide as an overwhelmingly Powerful Sorceress, the immortal Queen of Night and a being almost divine. Yet trouble is brewing within her peaceful Realm as an old enemy makes a new play, an old friend makes a daring choice, and the Queen finds her heart’s desire, which is also her gravest threat…

So prepare for love, loss, adventure and mayhem in book 1 of the “Will, Power, and Title Trilogy.”


Rising Action


In an alternate version of our own reality, the Earth has followed a vastly different path. Humanity has risen up from millenia of primitive existence to make great strides in science, technology, and culture, but is still haunted by the grim specter of war. Nations pay for mercenary armies to fight their battles, making the act of bloodshed a legal occupation. And while we live our lives, advancing our species within the dual crucible of conflict and entertainment, the other native sentient species in our shared Solar System watches, and waits.

Enter the aliens. Enter “The Mediators”.


More coming soon.


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