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The Riddle-Master of Hed, by Patricia A. McKillip.

The premise: in a fantasy island realm, Morgan, the Prince of Hed, is discovered by his siblings to have secretly won a crown in a riddle-contest with the cursed ghost of King Peven, then kept it hidden under his bed. Discovered, it is then brought to his attention that King Mathom of An had pledged his daughter, Raederle, to marry the man who won the crown. Morgan sets sail for adventure, but is waylaid along the way in a storm, and loses his memories…

Beautiful prose, though it took a while to hook me. I was expecting more swashbuckling. But the book has a steady charm, and presents a magical realm unlike any of its contempories. Unique, and short. I’m looking forward to the meeting between the princess and Morgan, who is a prince barely one step up from a farmer.

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