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No Return, by Zachary Jernigan.

The premise: on the planet Jeroun, humanity is divided into warring factions: the white suits against the black suits, each with a different belief about the god Adrash, and his looming judgement of annihilation from a high vantage point above the earth, surrounded by spinning spheres of destruction that hang across the night sky like a diamond necklace. An odd, raggtag group of mixed, but highly skilled fighters (each with their own demons) journeys to a great fighting tournament in order to redeem themselves of failures… And, unknown by the rest of humanity, a hidden group of lost people live in an inaccessible, high valley by a lake of hallucinogenic liquid, eating the dead of an ancient elder species to survive, their minds slowing rotting away as part of the price of immortality‚Ķ

Just a fascinating story so far. Unique. Different. Interesting. Weird. I want to know more

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