Writing is still my main focus in life, but I have become more serious and secretive about it. Every story that I wrote before this point was just good practice. Currently, I am working on 7 major projects.

  • Romance Novel: this is my centerpiece, and a project that I am unusually excited about. It is set in the 17th century, alternating POVs between the two romantic leads. I am currently 11 chapters deep, with the rest fully plotted out. My weekly writing output and enthusiasm have both been high for this one, and I’m receiving positive early feedback from beta readers.
  • Übermensch 4th Edition: I am hoping for this to be the final Edition of Übermensch, barring any unforeseen developments. All changes/additions have been fully plotted, and I am already done with the first 4 chapters (Chapter 1 was expanded, doubling the original size. Chapters 2-4 are completely new material). This is basically now a full re-write. Hopefully the finished product will reflect both my growth as a writer + fan feedback.
  • Fantasy Novellete: this humble origin story has been tantalizing me for 2 years. It features a mysterious, magical child protagonist. Genre is High Fantasy/Fae. Full storyboarding is finished. I am currently re-writing the beginning.
  • Detective Novel: an early 20th century thriller featuring minor sci-fi elements and major adult themes. Multiple chapters written.
  • The Rage (Superhero Edition): Damon’s story has been itching at me to return for a final Edition. Review/reader feedback indicated that the original version was too dark, and I completely agree. I have begun a full re-write of the narrative, similar in scope to what I am doing for Übermensch.
  • Codename Ghost: her second mission probably needs a complete re-write before I can move the overall narrative forward. This one is last on my list.
  • 1 mystery story

No release dates to announce at this time. I was overeager in the past, publishing without the necessary level of professional polish. Things will be different going forward. I hope to share more in late 2020, early 2021 🙂

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